Black Cherry Skipper

Here you can see one of the rarest vintage SL Skipper dolls: A Black Cherry Skipper.


I was lucky to find one mint in her box.  She's from France.


She's got the early Skipper markings Skipper © 1963 Mattel, Inc.


Her eyebrows are the same beige color like the ones of the "Real Two-Tone Skippers", but she doesn't have two-tone hair. Depending on the light her hair color seems to bei either a metallic dark brown or red.  


Following you can find some more photographs of this beautiful doll.

On both photographs above you can see the Black Cherry Skipper to the left and a regular redhead/titian Skipper to the right. The pictures below show a redhead, the Black Cherry Skipper and a brunette Skipper doll.

Black Cherry Skipper: All the photos show the same doll:

More about rare Vintage Skipper hair colors: