Long Bangs Skipper (Sample Head)

This Skipper doll came to me from the U.S.A. Her previous owner was Joanne Faulkner, an acknowledged Barbie doll collector, who died April 2015. She was the owner of "IN THE PINK", a doll forum for Barbie collectors. Her wonderful collection was sold on ebay the same year and I was lucky to win this girl.


She has a row of extra long bangs over rows of very short bangs. The hair is the same like the hair of the Test Market Skippers (you can find more info on these dolls on vintageslskipper.jimdo.com). Her neck rim has markings. The body is marked © 1963 Mattel, Inc. This marking can be found on some Skipper dolls starting 1965. Her head is probably a Sample doll head from previous years, maybe from the same period like the Ruby Red Skipper shown on a previous page.


 On the following photograph Long Bangs Skipper is shown to the right, next to a Test Market Skipper and a regular brunette Skipper doll (I layd her long bangs to the side to show the short bangs underneath):